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Payment Plans                         

 Payment Plans
Lakes Tree Service offers several payment methods, and some that no other local tree service offers, because we work with our community no matter what the financial situation may be when the work needs to be done.


     For those who prefer the old fashion method - cash is always welcomed.



      We accept personal checks (*).
See 'Term and Conditions' of Customer's
      Agreement for terms to accepting checks.



     Yes we accept this for of payment.



     THIS OPTION IS NOT CURRENTLY ACTIVE: We are developing acceptance of credit
     card using either PayPal and Smart Phone apps., and should have this up
     and running soon.


                  You can now make payment using PayPal:

                                     *This link is not active -
                                       please call 417-272-6013

        We offer two creative types of customer payment plans -

            Plan A- Interest Free:
            Customer's who are on a fixed income, active military, disability, or who have other
            related factors, where full funds to pay for services may not be feasible, but the work
            still needs done, especially emergency situations
. Call to arrange a custom plan. We will
            accept any payment plan if reasonable.

Plan B- Low Interest Fee:
             Customer's who may be a bit short to cover costs or who do not wish to apply the
             cost to their credit card or other special circumstances. Unless otherwise noted on
             Customer Agreement, we can place you on a 3 month payment plan based on 10% of
             the monthly unpaid balance. We will also entertain longer plans if feasible at the time.

All accounts are net payable upon receipt of invoice unless other arrangements have been made prior to the completion of work. A service charge of 1 1/2 % per month, which is an annual
percentage rate of 18% , will be added to accounts thirty days after invoice date. If outside assistance is used to collect the amount, the customer is responsible for all costs associated with the collection including, but not limited to, attorney’s fees and court costs.

NOTICE: Checks, Credit Cards, and Custom Payment Plans may be subject to additional terms and conditions on our 'Terms and Conditions' of the Customer Agreement form and/or as listed on our website for online Agreements.

We service all of Stone County, Western Taney County, and
South Western Christian County in Missouri
by Zip Code
65611  65616  65624  65653  65656  65669  65672  65686  65679  65737  65740   65739  65717

CALL (417) 272-6013 or Toll Free (877) 586-1254

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